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Coming Soon: Nathan Cruz reflects on his wrestling career

Coming soon to the #WrestlingLifePod - our debut episode will feature an open, candid and honest conversation with 'Second II None' Nathan Cruz.

Nathan Cruz

With almost 20 years’ experience in the professional wrestling business, Nathan has seen and done it all.

A former PROGRESS Wrestling world and tag team champion, holder of the New Generation Wrestling undisputed championship and head coach of Eco Wrestling Academy, Nathan Cruz has travelled the globe and has quite some story to tell - and he’ll be sharing it all with Ben Veal on the new podcast and YouTube show from WRESTLING LIFE ONLINE.

This won’t be your typical #wrestling podcast conversation; we’re not here to talk storylines or give star ratings to squared circle bouts. We’ll be talking candidly about Nathan Cruz’s long and winding journey towards #WWE, his time in #WorldOfSport, the mental challenges of staying motivated during the pandemic, travelling the world through wrestling, passing the torch on to the next generation of stars and what’s still to come for ‘Second II None’ - prepare for a lot of ground to be covered during this inspiring and illuminating conversation.

Ep 01 drops in October 2023 - subscribe now to ‘Wrestling Life with Ben Veal’ now via Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music and YouTube, and be ready for real talk from real talent.



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