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Lisa Marie Varon on ADHD, Meeting Fans and the WWE Women's Revolution

'Trailblazer' is perhaps the most fitting word that can be used to describe Lisa Marie Varon's professional wrestling career and her impact on sports entertainment.

Better known to fans globally as Victoria and Tara, the two-time WWE Women's Champion and five-time TNA Knockout's Champion had a remarkable run in the world of sports entertainment, mixing it up in the squared circle with Hall of Fame talents including Trish Stratus, Lita and Molly Holly. Her omission in the WWE Hall of Fame at time of writing is surprising to say the least; it's surely only a matter of time before her induction takes place, and her contribution to the industry is formally recognised.

Yet regardless of her Hall of Fame standing, there is simply no disputing Varon's legacy and the impact that she has had on a generation of women's wrestling talent.

Lisa Marie Varon joined Wrestling Life Online's Ben Veal on the #WrestlingLifePod to share some of her career highlights but to also look at life beyond wrestling - including her diagnosis, as an adult, of ADHD.

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In this inspiring, open and powerful conversation, Lisa opens up about:

  • Her frantic lifestyle post-wrestling, always hustling, meeting with fans at conventions, signing autographs and participating in online Q&A sessions with fans

  • Being diagnosed with ADHD and how that is shaping her life

  • Her love for comic conventions and her enjoyment of anime and cartoons

  • An unusual path to the squared circle - entering the business after working in an organ donation centre

  • The early days of her career in WWE, mistakes made during an iconic hardcore match in Madison Square Garden in 2002, and how instrumental Fit Finlay was in the development of her matches

  • The on-screen chemistry with Stevie Richards and how the ECW original played an instrumental role in her character

  • Dealing with grief and how the loss of a parent doesn't get any easier with the passing of time.

  • Building on long-standing friendships with Mickie James and So Cal Val, and remaining connected to the wrestling business through the production of GAW TV.

Wrestling Life with Ben Veal: Real Talk from Real Talent.

Episode 012 with Lisa Marie Varon is out now.



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